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Name:Titania Groban-Hayes
Birthdate:Apr 17
Location:United States of America
I'm a Halfelven winged polyamorous woman, living in Loth Ennorath with my family at what is affectionately termed "the Castle". I have a gaggle of children and several loves and spouses, a farm in which I am Loth Ennorath's main provider of goat, yak, and bison products. I have various jobs in various worlds, most of which are the otherworlds of my family-I was born and raised where I live. I've been and am a bartender, profiler, assassin, Queen, Cheesemaker, and superhero (no capes, just surfboards and pretty golden bows). I am on loan from Home to Lucifer, as an effort to maintain and forward a hopeful peace between peoples, and out of respect for the neutrality of my home and this body-and out of respect for Lucifer's claim on my mother. I also have a number of other deities, including a Sun God whose name I can't figure to save my life from another world, Kushiel, Loki, and Freyja and Freyr. I'm not a priestess but I'm close to one, so my men are "cursed" with my essentially insatiable libido. I also have visions, most of which either are going to come true, or should be avoided. I've never been wrong. I also don't see anything about my own timeline, nor this body's, unless it's "go here, do this, talk in pictures".

I like to paint, ballroom dance, tend my farm, sing, play the violin, and further my currently sloppy attempts to learn to ice skate. Riding horses is fabulous, archery is great but I prefer guns and I'm a damned good shot, I cuss like a sailor but am Jewish enough to eat kosher, and I'm a witty, sassy little shit who takes no shit, despite being one of the more optimistic, compassionate, pragmatic people in here. I obviously also have no shame where some things are concerned, given the end of my last paragraph, but I do have some sense of modesty unless one has seen me sleepwalking. Then it's all over, and I don't care. I have a Tok'ra symbiote who missed the majority of the hive mind and instead is Betsy Maddock who happened to mistake her snakey body for a human one when she reincarnated. She's a snarky little British shit who has a fondness for throwing around red energy, usually in the form of red butterflies.

I am currently one of two forerunners in my system. We have a shit ton of fronters, but only so many who can keep up the daily grind. Right now it's me, when it's not me its mom (but the last couple years kicked her ass, and she's working on recovering), and around the two of us, whenever we're on top of things enough, we can switch out far more fluently with all the others here.

This journal may be used here, but it may also be used primarily in the currently-theoretical system community for the sake of convenience with entry continuity (with the exception of private entries). It is stupidly difficult to organize entries and timelines in ones head when they're not all in one place. I have yet to get the others to pass a vote on this.
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